Bangor barber Lenny White shaves and cuts the hair of men with dementia. But his work is about much more than mere appearances: “My barbering is 10% of what I do.” Specialist training allows Lenny’s work to be a form of therapy as he guides his clients back to memories of youth through traditional barbering, including liberal amounts of Brut and Old Spice as well as with music from the past.

The film was produced and directed by filmmaker Johnny Muir. I’ve worked with Johnny on several projects over the years and he kindly asked me to shoot some aerial photography for the programme. The brief was to capture Lenny travelling across the countryside. I checked out a few sceneic locations I knew he would be passing and prepared to film everything I could. We decided to film around sunset. This meant there would be less traffic on the roads and the light may work in our favour. We were happy with the results!

You can see some clips from the documentary one my YouTube channel:

Chris Eva

Chris Eva

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